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Who We Are

GSA Services was originally a subcontractor for many other services and has since evolved into several ventures. Our ties to training are still strong and will continue with contracts scheduled through 2018, both domestically and abroad.

With new ventures in the field of Private Investigations and Security with (GSA Services INC Investigations), we are experiencing many challenges with more customers than we expected. The recent additions to the GSA family have included a broad base of knowledge in several fields.

Our Marketing services have included nearly 1 million mailers and several successful campaigns. We are looking forward to our future in marketing to be a major part of our strategy going into 2020 and beyond.

Watch us as we grow and look keep looking to us for future employment opportunities.

Why Us

GSA Services has no boundries! We specialize in public safety training and consulting, but there are no limits.

Our consulting team is well versed in areas from corporate safety, public security, busniness analysis, to political consulting. We believe in confidentiality and non-disclosure contracts are available and encouraged to protect you, the customer. Our training team is made up of the best in the world and have trained public, private, and military personnel from all over the world. With a variety of services, including travel and private investigations, we can be your one stop service for a variety of needs.

Check the individual web pages for further details.